Network Technology

Structured Wiring

We will plan the wiring structure together with you and gladly provide advice regarding potential alternatives. The wiring itself is divided into three levels:

  • The primary level is for the connection of multiple buildings at a location
  • The secondary level focuses on wiring multiple floors of a building together
  • The tertiary level comprises the wiring of all components on a floor.

This process follows European standards and is also the best organisational practice for structured wiring. As a customer, you can therefore be assured that our extensive experience, in conjunction with our in-depth expertise, will lead to the success of your project as well.


Our Area of Expertise:

  • Structured building wiring (CAT 5 / CAT 6 / CAT 7)
  • Fibre optic wiring
  • FTTD (Fibre to the Desk)
  • Hybrid systems
  • Wireless systems
  • Telecommunication wiring


Services in the Area of “Structured Wiring”:

  • Preparation of service specifications
  • Professional installation, assembly, and measurement of copper cables
  • Ample know-how in fibre optic cables:
    • Professional installation and assembly
    • Installation of all fibre optic connection technologies (splicing, bonding, assembling)
    • Measurements
  • Repair work
  • Preparation of documentation and quality verifications
  • Tailored maintenance options with a custom troubleshooting service



Identifying the Weak Spots and Potential of Your Network

What areas in your company have a high data throughput? Should all employees be able to access the network or only a specific department? Should the WLAN be designed separately or integrated into an existing network?

We analyse your network structure for potential applications of WLAN components and prepare a suitable concept.